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Bradley & Sarah

On Saturday 10th February I captured the #wedding of Bradley and Sarah at Coombe Lodge at Blagdon. This was my first wedding of 2018 and I was excited to get back in to it again. My day started with Sarah for bridal preparations with her bridesmaid's. The was a hair and make-up station and upstairs all the dress and shoes were lined up ready to capture. Sarah was also given a present from Bradley and thankfully he had listened to her request for a pair of ear rings. There was also a candle and a lovely letter just hot everybody welling up. Just before I left bottle of champagne got popped open and everybody had a toast.
I then went to Coombe Lodge to meet Brad and the lads. Unfortunately, it was raining so I managed to get a group shot by the bar area. Guests started to arrive, and it was lovely seeing a few couples who's weddings I had captured in the past. John Lambert Toastmaster was in charge of proceedings for the day and it wasn't long until Sarah arrived with her day…
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Samuel & Abbey

On Saturday 17th February I captured the #wedding of Samuel and Abbey at Priston Mill nr Bath. My day started with Abbey where she had The Beauty Room - Bristol Airbrush Makeup Artist, Nails, Tans & more sorting out make-up and a hair station. Abbey was in good hands getting ready. There were lots of love reminders around the home about the wedding being on the 17th. Sam had also got Abbey a lovely gift and left a special message inside the card. Just before I left I captured a cheers shot and all the brides maids had personalised glasses for the toast.
At Priston Mill I met Sam and the lads and he was very relaxed. After getting a few shots of him I then captured guests as they started to arrive. It wasn't long until everybody had to take there seats ready for the arrival of Abbey. She arrived in a silver Mercedes-Benz and her bridesmaid's were on hand to help fluff her dress and sort out her flowers. The wedding ceremony went very well, there were a couple of lovely ready…

Stuart & Victoria

On Saturday 3rd March I captured the #wedding of Stuart and Victoria at Winkworth Farm. It was a day after the beast from the east hit the UK so I allowed extra time to get to Victoria's house for bridal prep. Arriving in good time, I managed to capture brides maids having their hair styled and, Makeup By Sally was busy making sure everybody was looking amazing. I captured all the dresses, shoes and jewelry, dad also popped a bottle of bubbly and everybody enjoyed a toast. I then moved onto Winkworth Farm and just as I arrived so did Stuart. It was lovely meeting him and his groomsmen and I went to his room to capture final preparations. Guests managed to brave the weather conditions and arrive in good time for the celebrations. Victoria arrived in good time and she looked beautiful as she walked up the aisle with her dad. The wedding went very well and there was a lovely reading from a couple of friends.

After the wedding guests enjoyed a welcome drink before everybody went outsid…

Bristol & Somerset Wedding Awards 2018

On Friday the 23rd February it was The Bristol & Somerset Wedding Awards2018; a night I always view as the Christmas Day of the wedding industry, and an evening when I get to socialise with all my wedding industry friends in a relaxed environment. Tonight was the night to celebrate the success of our local wedding industry, and raise much-needed money for The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. With this being the fifth awards evening, and my fourth in attendance, I always get excited about what might be in store. As you can imagine, I also get very anxious about my award category; that of videographer. Having won my category for four years running, this was my chance to win for a fifth time - an achievement only shared with the equally talented Stacey Jade Hair.
So, what did the evening have in store?
My day started at DoubleTree by Hilton, Cadbury House at 10am, when I met Graham Thomas to help with anything that needed doing. Fantastic progress was already being made, and my jobs we…

Andrew & Kayleigh

On Saturday 17th March I captured the #wedding of Andrew and Kayleigh at Priston Mill nr Bath. It was the return of best from the east but thankfully the snow wasn't settling, it was falling from the sky providing a wonderful back drop that most Christmas weddings could only dream of.
My day started with Kayleigh at her mums house, Makeupgeorgie - Airbrush makeup artist Bristol was busy sorting out Kayleigh's hair, all the dresses were up with shoes and jewellery ready to capture. Andrew had got a fantastic bag as a gift and picked up a number of good husband points to start of married life with. Dad popped opened a bottle of bubbly and everybody had a big cheers shot.

I then went to Priston mill to capture the arrival of guests and see Andrew when he arrived with family on a coach. Kayleigh and her dad arrived in a classic car provided by All Occasions Vintage Wedding Car Hire. Kayleigh was played up the aisle by Ian Towers Pianist and Singer. Ian was around to play during the …

James & Rebecca

On Saturday 24th March I captured the #wedding of James and Rebecca at Manor By The Lake. There was no snow and the showers had passed over. Although it was cloudy the temperature was good and I was preparing for a lovely day. My day started with Rebecca and it was to see the bridesmaids make-up. I then went on a walk of the grounds and I was taken back by how much this Manor house had to offer. I then went back to see Rebecca have her make-up applied and I captured her dress and details. James was also getting ready at the manor and I met up with him and his groomsmen. Guests started to arrive and I went back to capture the moment Rebecca's dad saw her for the first time in her dress.

The wedding all went to plan and afterwards it's time for the pictures. First there were two lines to form a tunnel, James and Rebecca walked down and got covered in confetti. Welcome drinks got handed out and everybody started to mingle and chat. Phil Webb Photography arranged the personal and g…

Luke & Vicki

On Friday 6th April I captured the #wedding of Luke and Vicki at Aldwick Court Farm & Vineyard. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was warm once again. Excited for the day ahead I started with capturing bridal preparations at hillside accommodation with Vicki and her bridal party. There was a make up station by Blush Beauty and hair stylist Stacey Jade Hair. All the lady's were in very good hands. I captured the dresses and details, also a bottle of bubbly getting popped open and a big cheers shots. I then went to meet Luke and his grooms men, they looked dapper and it was great capturing a walking shot with them. Guests started to arrive and it wasn't long until the bridesmaids arrived in a lovely wedding car. The attention to detail through the venue was incredible. Everywhere I looked there was something new to capture. Lots of planning had clearly gone into today, Vicki had done a fantastic job. Guests started to take their seats in the ceremony room and Vicki …